It’s a horrible word – let’s be honest it’s not even a word! Another example of marketing speak.

And yet…

Annoyingly, I feel “prosumer” puts its finger on something.

Be pro instead of con: Don’t just be a consumer of energy – make a choice, take control – take positive action

Be a pro: You don’t have to just get energy from the grid and fill up your car with fuel – you can be a pro at energy consumption.

So much as it annoys me; I do want our customers to be “for” reducing their impact on the environment, promoting clean energy and optimising their energy use

And I do want our customers to be “a pro” at how they access and use energy, so they can reduce their bills while exercising their choice.

So get in contact if you want to know more about our services – we promise we won’t call you a prosumer.


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