How much will a free car charger cost you?

Many of the electric car manufacturers offer a car charging point as part of the package with a new electric car –  sounds great but there is a catch.
Many motorists are prepared to drive quite a way to shave a few pennies of the cost of petrol – wouldn’t you want to pay the minimum price for each kW that charges your electric vehicle?
With smart car chargers, you can choose to charge your car when energy is at its cheapest – for instance when you can get energy direct from your solar panels or when there is power available from your battery.
And even if you don’t have any low cost sources of energy, most experts agree that peak time charging for energy is on the horizon and you don’t want the car charging when you will get charged most for your energy.
Zappi from Myenergi is one of the first smart car chargers on the market – so if you are thinking of going electric with your car, make sure you are also making the smart choice about how to charge it.
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