Solar PV on New Buildings

Here at Your Energy Your Way, we think that all new buildings should include solar panels, unless of course they’re facing due north, or are under the shade of a huge oak tree. We work with architects, builders and self-builders to ensure that panels on your new build really look like they should be there and add value to the appearance of the building.  That’s why we much prefer to install panels like these roof integrated ones we’ve just put on a roof in Ashford, Middlesex.
As you can see, this roof has been felted and battened as usual, then while the roofer’s busy tiling the other side of the roof we are puting on our panels and flashings. After which the roofer will return and tile the rest of the roof.
And the really good news?  This doesn’t need to cost any more than panels bolted on over your tiles.  Here’s why:
  • Buy less tiles
  • Install less tiles
  • Easier coordination of trades
  • No awkward tile cuts to accommodate roof hooks
  • Flashing that integrate with velux windows
We are experts in working out how many PV panels will fit on your roof to enable you to meet a target set by planning, or to meet Part L.  Let us take a look at your plans and we can advise on all your new build solar PV needs.

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