How does an air source heat pump work?

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) are being talked about more and more.

It’s no surprise with low emissions and low running costs and attracting potential income through the UK government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

But how does an ASHP work?

Can you get heat from thin air?

The short animation below shows you how:

Outside air  is drawn into the ASHP, The air gives up this heat at the heat exchanger, The heat from  this air turns  refrigerant  liquid into  gas at  very low  temperatures, The warm gas is compressed by the compressor. This makes it hot, The hot gas gives up this heat at the heat exchanger, The water from your central heating system takes up this heat and heats your house, The now liquid refrigerant is cooled through the expansion valve ready to start again, This process repeats until your house is warm and toasty.

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How much will a free car charger cost you?

Many of the electric car manufacturers offer a car charging point as part of the package with a new electric car –  sounds great but there is a catch.
Many motorists are prepared to drive quite a way to shave a few pennies of the cost of petrol – wouldn’t you want to pay the minimum price for each kW that charges your electric vehicle?
With smart car chargers, you can choose to charge your car when energy is at its cheapest – for instance when you can get energy direct from your solar panels or when there is power available from your battery.
And even if you don’t have any low cost sources of energy, most experts agree that peak time charging for energy is on the horizon and you don’t want the car charging when you will get charged most for your energy.
Zappi from Myenergi is one of the first smart car chargers on the market – so if you are thinking of going electric with your car, make sure you are also making the smart choice about how to charge it.
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Your Career Your Way

Are you a woman put off a particular career choice because it is in a male dominated industry? A recent survey showed that as many as 53% of female 18 to 25 year olds were put off training to be plumbers or electricians for just that reason.
Here are 3 ways that Your Energy Your Way are aiming to change that:
  1. Make jobs and training available to women in a supportive environment so that our staff know we are with them every step of the way
  2. Visit schools and provide first hand evidence for pupils about opportunities and challenges of working in the trades.
  3. Take positive action to ensure we make sure women are actively encouraged to find jobs in our organisation.
We want to deliver the best service to our customers and help you to have your career your way.


It’s a horrible word – let’s be honest it’s not even a word! Another example of marketing speak.

And yet…

Annoyingly, I feel “prosumer” puts its finger on something.

Be pro instead of con: Don’t just be a consumer of energy – make a choice, take control – take positive action

Be a pro: You don’t have to just get energy from the grid and fill up your car with fuel – you can be a pro at energy consumption.

So much as it annoys me; I do want our customers to be “for” reducing their impact on the environment, promoting clean energy and optimising their energy use

And I do want our customers to be “a pro” at how they access and use energy, so they can reduce their bills while exercising their choice.

So get in contact if you want to know more about our services – we promise we won’t call you a prosumer.