Green Careers Week

It’s Green Careers week! What is that all about I hear you ask.

Green Careers Week not only spotlights environmentally-friendly and sustainable job opportunities; it also provides a fantastic opportunity to learn, connect, and explore the many ways you can contribute to a more sustainable future through your career choices. Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for your first job or someone looking to make a career shift towards sustainability like I did, this event can provide valuable insights and guidance. If you are interested in finding out more about Green Careers Week, you can do so here.

I also wanted to share my recent journey into a green career. Towards the end of last year, I made a 360-degree career change and joined Your Energy Your Way and the world of renewable energy solutions.

I must be honest and admit that I had never heard of a heat pump until then! Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but that said, I know that there are many people out there who, like me, don’t know how the technology works or what the benefits are.

I know that here in the UK we tend to think of a heat pump as a new technology, and quite honestly that is exactly what I thought. I then decided to some research and was rather surprised to learn that the first heat pump system was developed back in 1855!

I also found it interesting that the Nordic countries Sweden, Finland and Norway, which have the coldest climates in all of Europe also have the most heat pumps installed with more than 40 heat pumps per 100 households.

Needless to say, I still have LOADS to learn and I am grateful to have the opportunity to have a green career that is interesting and where I feel I’m making a difference.

Why Buy a Heat Pump from Us?

We know it’s difficult to choose a heat pump installer. Whilst you should always start with an MCS ( accredited installer, there are a lot of them to choose from. So why choose us?

Tailored and Bespoke Installations

Our founder and owner Leah Robson has been installing heat pumps for 10 years. She visits each of our customers and ensures that the heating system we fit for you is bespoke and tailored to meet the needs of you and your home. Heat pumps come in many brands, types and sizes and whilst we most often install Samsung, Vaillant and Kensa heat pumps, we are able to install many others as required. We also understand that some customers would rather maximise the performance and energy efficiency of their heating system, whereas for others, cost to run, noise or appearance of the outdoor unit are more important.

High Quality Installations

We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship. A lot of our business comes from customers recommending us to their friends and we have some excellent reviews on Google. We want you to talk about how fantastic it has been to have a heat pump installed by us. You can see from the photos in our Gallery that each cylinder cupboard is carefully designed to create an elegant, easy to maintain arrangement of pipework. Each heat pump sits on a purpose-built base to ensure that the condensate drainage is safely kept off paths and away from your building.

Once you agree to have a heat pump installed by us, our Senior Heating Engineer Kevin will visit your home to confirm the technical design and discuss pipe and cable runs. He will run the project once we start, directing our other heating engineers Colin and Dave and liaising with you should you have any queries. Any issues can always be escalated to Leah. At the end of your project Kevin will provide a full handover and you will receive a handover pack with all the information about your installation. Ongoing support is provided and we very much want to annually service your heat pump for you.

Whole House Renewables

We are a whole house renewables company and 50% of our customers also have solar PV and batteries installed by us as part of their project. This means that we can work with you to ensure that the various components of your renewable home work well together. We will ensure that you have the right amount of PV panels and battery storage to reduce the running cost of your heat pump and can advise about the best controls for your heat pump and solar PV system.

We are used to installing heat pumps as part of a wider project of refurbishing or extending your home and can be flexible to install as part of 1st and 2nd fix. Once you sign up with us we provide a full set of builder’s requirements so that your builder knows what they need to provide for us – electrical supplies, pipework etc. Then we meet on site with you and your builder to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Social Enterprise and Training

Finally, we are a social enterprise, dedicated to training the next generation of renewables installers. We currently have 5 female trainees learning heating, plumbing and electrics. We are a 50/50 male /female firm, which is an outstanding ratio in an industry that is only 2% female. You can read more about our training scheme here. We want to train our trainees to be the very best that they can be and they all work very closely supervised by our experienced installers.

More Subsidy for Heat Pumps

Yesterday the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, announced changes to the government policies supporting the country’s transition to Net Zero.

One of the changes affects the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), which helps homeowners with an upfront payment towards the cost of an energy-efficient heating system, such as heat pump. Under this scheme grants are to be increased.

Where before there was a £5000 grant towards an eligible air-source heat pump installation, this has been increased by 50% to £7500.

For an eligible ground-source heat pump installation the grant has been increased from £6000 to £7500.

The new vouchers will be available from 23rd October, but we can already take bookings for work at the new rate. Note that they do not yet reflect on the government website.

We recognise that a heat pump has a large upfront cost attached to it. The increase in the grant will make an installation more affordable and allow more homeowners to take low carbon heating into consideration.

Heating our homes and workplaces with low carbon heat is the best way of helping to lower carbon emissions and doing our bit to help combat climate change. Emissions from domestic heating and hot water currently make up around 77% of total household carbon emissions. We seriously need to move away from the high carbon fossil fuels we currently use and change the way we heat our homes over the next decade and beyond to work towards Net Zero.

The demand for renewable energy solutions is currently high, yet there are not enough trained engineers to meet the demand of heat pump and solar panel installations. We are proud to have launched an innovative training scheme in renewables to meet the shortage of low carbon energy experts.

If you have an upcoming installation with us, you will certainly get to meet one of our trainees.

You can read more about our training programme here.

Our Introduction to the World of Renewables – A Summer Internship at YEYW

A guest blog by our interns Hannah and Mia on their experiences of working with us this summer.

As two people keen to take our first steps in the renewables industry, we were delighted to do this through a summer internship offered by Your Energy Your Way.

So what did we learn?

It was decided that the best way of familiarising ourselves with renewables would be to jump in with the design process and having a go for ourselves.

We were introduced to two software packages – one which is used to perform heat loss calculations to help determine what heat pump is required for a particular property, and the other to design solar PV systems. This gave us a basic idea of how Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) and solar PV systems function. We  used this knowledge to move on to designing actual systems that people would be able to use in real life homes and workplaces. We both found it so inspiring to help our projects go through the design and costing process, before seeing the results as they were installed and handed over to the new owners.

We especially enjoyed shadowing a technician who was servicing ASHPs for a few days. This helped us to translate what we had  learnt in the office into practical skills, and as a bonus, find out more about general heating systems than we had anticipated! Other highlights included learning exactly how Air Source Heat Pumps work and we enjoyed the lovely breeze the heat pump generated on a boiling summers day – although apparently this isn’t quite so pleasant in the middle of winter!

Towards the end of the summer, there was the opportunity to install a solar PV system over the course of a week. Especially notable was being able to get onto the roof and help with solar panel installations. This was a fantastic opportunity to learn some generally useful electrical skills, while giving a much better idea of what was in a solar PV system. By going to a site and doing a complete install, it was much easier to see how the parts we had ordered in the office all fitted together and why they were all necessary to get to the final, commissioned system.

It’s been a full summer getting into a fast-paced and rapidly changing industry. But we’ve gained so many useful skills over the last few months, on top of discovering that it’s not all doom and gloom. People are taking real, tangible steps to help the environment, which is really motivating and hopeful.

We’ve loved taking a dive into world of renewables and hope to be back soon!

Tesla Powerwall Rebate Offer

For each Powerwall purchased, installed and registered between August 11 and December 31 2023, you can claim a rebate of £350.

Image courtesy of Tesla

Powerwall is a home energy storage solution designed to store energy for use at any time, ensuring uninterrupted power supply—even during black-outs.

Key Benefits

  • Cost savings through optimised energy usage
  • Access to energy stored by a home solar system, day and night
  • Real-time monitoring of your home’s energy usage
  • Enable backup protection during power outages
  • Reduced reliance on the grid and a lower carbon footprint
  • Conveniently charge your vehicle using energy from Powerwall
  • Flexibility to expand your energy storage capacity by adding up to 10 Powerwalls

Get in touch with us today to learn how you can benefit from this limited time offer.

Terms and conditions apply.

myenergi Libbi – The Intelligent Battery Storage System for Your Home

myenergi specialises in renewable energy products, specifically focused on home energy management systems. They are known for developing innovative solutions for integrating renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and electric vehicle chargers.  

The latest addition of battery storage solutions is the long-awaited Libbi battery and we are proud to announce that we are an approved Libbi installer. 

What differentiates the Libbi from other home batteries?

The Libbi is classed as an intelligent home battery system, due to the fact that it makes decisions about providing and storing electricity based on your electricity usage, how much your solar PV system generates, and the electricity tariff you are currently on. It also seamlessly integrates with any other myenergi devices you may already have.

The Libbi works as both an AC and DC coupled battery system with your solar PV. This means that you can connect solar PV without a separate inverter. You can also retrofit the Libbi to your home with or without an existing solar PV AC system, by connecting it as an AC connected battery. 

The Main Functions of the Libbi 

Solar charging – rather than channeling any excess solar generated electricity back to the grid, it can be stored throughout the day and then used in the evenings when unit costs are more expensive. 

Grid charging – for anyone who does not have a solar PV system, the Libbi is still a great option, as it can be charged on cheaper overnight tariffs. The stored electricity can then be used throughout the day.  

Solar PV can be added to the battery storage system at a later date, however bear in mind that at the time of writing, the battery installation is subject to 0% VAT if installed together with a solar PV system. 

Advanced control – the myenergi app allows you to set up charging and usage parameters to suit your needs, giving you complete control of the Libbi. 

Anti-draining – the myenergi app allows you to prioritise devices to be charged. This means, for example that the Libbi won’t drain when you plug in your EV charger, unless you have set it up in the app to do so. 

Blackout Back-up – while the Libbi cannot provide whole home back-up during a power-cut (i.e. let you whole home run normally), it can provide power to a dedicated limited output circuit or sockets. 

Modular Battery Storage 

The Libbi is designed as modular battery storage system, with each module having the capacity to store 5kWh of electricity. This allows you to choose the configure the battery for your needs.  

Each module stores up to 5kWh of electricity, allowing you to configure a system from 5kWh to 20kWh of storage.  

The myenergi App 

This app connects all your myenergi devices and allows you to choose where and how your stored power is used in your home. It allows you to monitor grid import and export, solar PV generation and much more.  

If you are interested in the Libbi or any other myenergi products, please get in touch via or fill in the webform on our website and we can provide you with advice and a quotation for supply and installation. 

Your Energy Your Way launches new Trainee Scheme to solve the Renewables Skills Gap

Social Enterprise Your Energy Your Way launches a Trainee Renewables Scheme to meet the skills shortage of low carbon energy experts by recruiting a diverse workforce of renewables technicians.

With households and businesses realising that low carbon energy is an essential part of meeting Net Zero climate change targets,  demand for renewable energy solutions is high. But, there are not enough trained fitters to install the necessary heat pumps and solar panels. A recent report by Nesta states that we need 27,000 more by 2028*.

Social Enterprise Your Energy Your Way (YEYW) is launching a new scheme designed to meet this skills gap by recruiting a diverse workforce. The mission of YEYW is to  enable the transition to low carbon energy, through integrated renewable solutions, delivered by a diverse workforce. The scheme has therefore been designed to be particularly appropriate for women, by addressing  potential barriers for female candidates:

• shortage of apprenticeship places

• a lack of female role models

• unsupportive environments

• financial difficulties associated with training later in life.

Full details of the trainee scheme:

Leah Robson, Managing Director of YEYW, said:

‘A recent report on the heating sector by Energy Systems Catapult* stated that “Increasing diversity is key to addressing the skills shortage and meeting Net Zero targets”. We think we have found a solution, by designing a training programme that is rooted in real world experience. We intend to pay trainees the real Living Wage to encourage recent graduates and career changers to join the programme.’

Samsung Climate Solutions has generously donated a significant grant to enable the traineeship to take place.

Steve Fleming, Head of Samsung Climate Solutions UK & Ireland, commented:

“Samsung Climate Solutions are really proud to be involved with this initiative to make a change in the heating industry. We feel this is a fantastic opportunity for the installers of the future to work and train with Leah, one of the standard bearers in the industry. We look forward to supporting the trainees’ progress and helping to mentor and train the new recruits.”

The programme is intended as the pilot for a renewables training programme that could be rolled out to improve training, workforce diversity and renewable delivery across the sector.

It is being facilitated by online learning experts Betateach, who will provide fortnightly online meetings with a learning manager, to support the real world experience of working with YEYW’s heat pump installers, solar PV installation team and office team.

Each trainee will be tasked to maintain a daily presence on Betateach’s Learning Experience Platform, uploading videos, comments and  discussion starters about the work they have been engaged in that day to enable peer-to-peer learning between the trainees. YEYW will provide additional engagement with industry experts, the Betateach Learning Manager will make regular site visits to the trainees, and each trainee will have an external mentor throughout.

At the end of the course, the  trainees will be peer assessed by Your Energy Your Way staff and other recognised industry professionals to confirm that they are competent.

Greenworkx, the talent platform for emerging green jobs, is running the campaign to find fresh new talent for this programme. Mat Ilic has been working closely with YEYW on it and says:

‘Greenworkx is on a mission to get ten million people into green jobs by the end of the decade, a crucial contribution if the world is to reach net zero targets. We are delighted to be working with Your Energy Your Way on this campaign, because we share a vision that says these are good jobs for everyone, and our route to a better future for people and the planet. This training programme is building a clear pathway for new entrants to industry to learn while they earn, which is fundamental if we are going to succeed in building the skilled workforce for net zero.’

Renewable Energy Technicians fitting solar panels

Celebrating International Women’s Day with an exciting investment opportunity to promote women in renewables.

Your Energy Your Way has partnered with Ethex, the leading impact investing platform, to raise up to £250,000 and is calling for UK investors to get involved*. 

From as little as £500, UK investors can support a successful green energy solutions organisation through a pioneering renewable energy training program that will tackle the UK climate crisis, focusing on women that will secure the future for the renewables sector in the UK. 

As an added incentive, investments made before the end of the 22/23 tax year also qualify for 30% Social Investment tax relief.

Your Energy Your Way is a very successful female-led, Surrey-based business that installs bespoke renewable energy systems for homes and businesses across the South East.

The domestic heating sector currently represents around 14% of the UK’s carbon emissions and in order to meet UK’s Net Zero targets by 2050, the sector must be rapidly decarbonised. Your Energy Your Way are accelerating this shift by installing a variety of renewable energy assets on homes and businesses, including solar panels, heat pumps, batteries and electric vehicle chargers. In doing so, they are enabling the generation of more clean, home-grown energy, tackling the climate crisis and boosting the UK’s energy security.

However, despite high demand in the sector, there is a growing skills shortage for renewable energy services. The heating sector is already experiencing a shortage of labour, which is likely to worsen as it consists of an ageing workforce with few new entrants.

Leah Robson, Founding Director of Your Energy Your Way commented “My personal experience is one of becoming an accidental expert in the renewables installation business.  Over the past 10 years, assisting with and then running my own firm has taught me more than any MBA or College course ever could.  And quite simply the courses do not currently exist that train you to install high-quality integrated renewable energy solutions. This exciting investment opportunity will help us to redress that issue, at the same time as raising the profile of women in the renewable energy sector.  We want to create training and work opportunities so we can provide a sustainable future.”

The latest Gas Safe Register data shows that engineers’ median age is 55, an age around which many start retiring or leaving the sector. There are currently 120,000 gas boiler installers but to meet Net Zero targets the number of heat pump installers will likely need to rise from 2,000 to around 50,000-100,000.

And women are severely underrepresented in the heating sector with only 2% of tradespeople being women. Moreover, only 5% of professionals in the overall UK energy sector have an ethnic minority background.

Your Energy Your Way are aiming to launch a new and groundbreaking training scheme that will help plug the skills gap in the sector, enabling more homes and businesses to decarbonise their energy usage, while at the same time seeking to add diversity to the workforce.

The scheme, partly funded by investments in their bond offer, will provide hands-on training to fill the skills gap in the renewable energy installation market, where demand is currently much higher than availability. It will also increase diversity within the renewable energy sector by encouraging female applicants and trainees of all ages and backgrounds, creating up to 18 secure job opportunities.

By training a home-grown workforce, Your Energy Your Way will be able to grow their business in line with demand and increase profitability. The training program will help Your Energy Your Way to provide almost 900 renewable energy solutions creating almost 14,000 mWh of clean energy per annum and saving almost 3,000 tonnes of CO2.

Lisa Ashford, CEO, Ethex: “It is clear that we need to act urgently to decarbonise our buildings and businesses like Your Energy Your Way are key to us achieving that goal. As we approach International Women’s Day, it is fitting to be launching an offer that is not only securing the future of the renewable energy sector by filling the skills gap, but prioritising training and employment for women in this industry where they are hugely underrepresented. We are very excited to welcome Your Energy Your Way to the Ethex platform.” 

The offer is aiming to raise £250,000 (with a minimum raise of £200,000) and will provide the capital needed for Your Energy Your Way to launch the training program, tackling the skills shortage within the renewable energy sector, encouraging more women into careers in the sector and, ultimately, helping the UK reach its net zero goals by generating more clean energy and cutting carbon emissions.

Investments start at £500, with Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) applying to eligible investments made before April 6th 2023, in return for putting their money to work to help build a diverse, inclusive and skilled workforce to create a renewable energy sector fit for the future. Further information about the offer visit

Queues, Equality and Equity

Queue outside a public toilet

It’s been an incredibly busy year at Your Energy Your Way, which perhaps explains why this blog has been a little quiet. However, we’ve some exciting news to share and I wanted to write a post. A post inspired by toilets.

The photo here shows the queue for the ladies’ toilets at the Tate Modern this weekend. Nothing remarkable, just an everyday experience for millions of women around the world – we queue for the toilet far more than men do. In a weird way, it’s a key to the theme of this post; our upcoming exciting news; and this years’ theme for International Women’s Day.

The aim of the IWD 2023 #EmbraceEquity campaign theme is to get the world talking about why equal opportunities aren’t enough. At the simple level of our most basic needs, equal opportunities are having the same space for toilets at the Tate Modern for women as there are for men. Equity would be having more space for the women.

We’ve collectively decided that it is enough to offer an equal space for toilets in a building for both genders. We’ve decided to offer an equality of opportunity to go to the loo. To #embracequity would be to allow a bigger building footprint for the ladies than for the gents, acknowledging that each female toilet takes up a larger physical space than a male one.

This is why at Your Energy Your Way we’re setting up our own training course to get into renewables. We’re tired of people telling us that there is equality of opportunity for a diverse group of people to get into the industry; that the reason why the majority of tradespeople are white men is because other people aren’t interested.

We think there are some actual barriers that stop women getting these satisfying, well paid jobs. So we’re setting out to remove these for a pilot training course to see if we can attract a more diverse cohort into our firm. We think these barriers are as follows:

  • Lack of positive role models in the industry to make people think they can belong in this space.
  • Lack of opportunities to retrain into this industry post-16. We have found that most women enter this industry at a slightly later age.
  • Lack of opportunities to get on the job work experience if you don’t fit the conventional mould of white male.

Our training course will address all these things and you can be part of it. We are looking for investors right now to help make it a reality. You can find out more here

Lessons from a Female Leader in Construction

Reflecting on International Women’s Day, our director Leah Robson, shares the lessons she has learnt:

I’ve been in the construction sector for 9 years and run my own business in it for 4, these lessons are written for current leaders, future leaders and their supporters.  I hope you find them helpful.

Lesson 1: Lead like You – Mostly

It is easy to feel that if you are running your own business, you must be a Richard Branson.  Male or female, you must be dynamic, flashy, conspicuously successful and surrounded by adoring team members.  Added to that, in construction there is a particularly macho version of the construction leader.  Loud, strident, combative and strong. 

I am none of these things.  My predominant style of leadership is consultative and collegiate.  I like to hear all sides of an issue before making a decision, I am keen on building bridges, making networks and working through issues with people rather than against them.

Overall, I find people in the construction sector respond well to this.  They like the different approach and feel valued and part of a partnership rather than a long top-down chain of main contractors and sub-contractors.

However, it can sometimes be a problem. Construction is an industry where too many people’s version of conflict resolution goes something like this – can I blame this problem squarely on someone else? Can I keep arguing until the problem gets fixed by someone else?  Even better if the person I am trying to blame is weaker than me. Try to be collegiate in that environment and you are quickly squashed.

My strategy for dealing with this is to control the controllables. Ensure that where I can choose who to work with – colleagues, suppliers, repeat customers – I find people who appreciate my main leadership style and respond well to it.  None of us can pretend to be something we’re not all the time, it’s exhausting and ultimately destructive.  If your leadership style is different to the dominant one in your industry, you will probably find plenty of people happy to embrace the change that working with you brings.

And for those times when your style just won’t get results?  Take a deep breath and act a part.

Lesson 2: Seize the Opportunities

It is true that my gender has opened opportunities to me that I wouldn’t have had if I’d been male. I used to feel guilty about this and something of an imposter, but I’ve now decided that since sexism acts in hidden ways to make my life more difficult, I’ll embrace the obvious ways that the current push for diversity helps me to achieve my goals.  So, I take every opportunity I can to show that as a woman in this field I understand the technology and the issues just as well as the men around me.  I’ve been interviewed on the Fully Charged Show and appeared on a panel at their Live event because they make a serious effort to have representative platforms.  I’ve also been interviewed for podcasts and on LBC.

The other opportunity we have as female leaders is the chance to help people understand what it’s like to be a woman in leadership so that they can help support the next female leader they come across.  Take for example The Nag.  The Nag is a female trope created over centuries where women were denied power in the home and the workplace. Without power, one of the ways women have learnt to get what they want is by constantly badgering people for it.   It’s exhausting work and makes everyone feel rubbish.

This history makes it hard for women who must ask men repeatedly to do the tasks they’re meant to do at work.  Women find themselves in an ancient role that has been theirs and they have been mocked for over the centuries.  As well as the frustration of asking repeatedly to get something done, they are worried about being seen as a nag and feel they have fallen into a trap they can’t find a way out of.

There is an easy way out of this.  When anyone must constantly ask you to do something at work, do one of two things – explain to them why you can’t or won’t do it; or do it.  Don’t just ignore the request, particularly if it comes from a woman because she will most likely be feeling rotten for having to repeatedly ask you. 

Lesson 3: Stick to the Agenda on Gender

The horrible and pernicious thing about sexism is that it is everywhere and nowhere.  We feel its effects but it’s like catching the wind when we try and pin them down.  Did that customer speak to me like that because I’m female, or just because they are rude to everyone?  Do men have to work this hard to get taken seriously? Why was he surprised when he realised how well I understand this stuff?

We will never know the actual answers to these questions, so what do we do about them? Three things:


Firstly, however well or badly it comes across, we challenge the everyday sexism when it’s obvious and incontrovertible.  Like the time I was commissioning a heat pump in someone’s house as the removals men were bringing in the customer’s furniture. After being asked for the fifth time “Where do you want this love?” I snapped at the poor guy “just because I’m here and female it doesn’t mean I live here, I’m working here too, fixing the heating”.  Could have been less grumpy about it, but sometimes it needs to be said.

Embrace the Sisterhood

It’s International Women’s Day, so there are hundreds of events you can go to, webinars you can attend and blogposts like this to read.  My advice is to avoid most of them.  I don’t want events where a fantastically successful woman tells the rest of us how to do it.  It reminds me too much of when a previous employer sent all the women to a Work/Life Balance seminar run by a Senior Partner who clearly only coped with her workload and family because she had a Nanny. An expense out of reach for most of her listeners.

At those events I want to meet other women who are treading the same path as me, learning the same lessons and working out ways that we can support one another.  Then I want to continue to connect with them beyond that one session.

For example, I make it a practice to always Like and often Share social media posts by other women in the industry.  If every woman on social media did that, think how all our voices would be amplified.

In 1874 the London School of Medicine for Women was founded as the first female medical school in Britain because women were not being admitted to British Medical Schools.  In the UK in 2022 only 1% of plumbers are female, that’s 1,200 – 1,500 out of 120 – 150,000.  The main reason for this vanishingly small number is the almost impossibility of being taken on as a female apprentice in an industry dominated by one-man bands.

In a very small way, here at Your Energy Your Way, we want to start our own London School of Medicine for Women.  We want to take on a cohort of female trainees and give them on the tools and in the office experience of selling, designing and installing renewables.  Watch this space for our bond issue coming shortly to raise money to help us do this.

Give Yourself a Break

Being trailblazers isn’t easy and that just by being there and doing our jobs well, we are creating a path for others to follow.  You can’t do it on your own and as well as embracing the sisterhood as above, you need a group of supporters who believe in you.  I couldn’t do what I do without my business partner Pia, who is a friend and keeps me on the right road.  And my husband who is more enraged at the everyday sexism I face than I ever am.  Thank you to them both.