Home owners

How we work – As a social enterprise, an important part of our work is informing and educating about the benefits of using renewable energy. You can expect genuine impartial advice from us on the best technologies to suit your needs and ensure you meet any renewables obligations to satisfy planning.

We will visit and carry out a full meticulous survey of the property and/or review a building project from the plans. At the planning stage, we can give indicative costs and estimates of the subsidy that could be obtained as well as the potential energy savings. As the project completes, we can help you apply for relevant incentives and certifications.

Changing your approach to energy – A new build or major refurbishment is the ideal time to rethink where you source your energy from.  Get us involved at the planning stage to help you plan the best approach to energy for your property and your lifestyle.

PV installations – We can design a system for your roof which suits your needs, from the more economically, rapidly installed on-roof panels to the stylish but more expensive PV slates.

We can also install and provide servicing and maintenance on solar thermal for your hot water needs.

Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle Chargers – Home batteries and EV chargers are a great way of making the most of energy generated – and you can know your car is solar powered!

Air source heat pumps – Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) can replace your gas boiler for all your heating and hot water needs.  Their running costs should be slightly cheaper than a gas boiler and significantly cheaper than LPG or oil. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) entitles you to £7,500 off an install if you are a homeowner or building a self-build new home.

Ground and Water Source Heat Pumps – For the right property, ground and water source heat pumps can be the best solution. We were recently carrying out maintenance on a riverside property heating itself from the Thames!

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