myenergi Libbi – The Intelligent Battery Storage System for Your Home

myenergi specialises in renewable energy products, specifically focused on home energy management systems. They are known for developing innovative solutions for integrating renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and electric vehicle chargers.  

The latest addition of battery storage solutions is the long-awaited Libbi battery and we are proud to announce that we are an approved Libbi installer. 

What differentiates the Libbi from other home batteries?

The Libbi is classed as an intelligent home battery system, due to the fact that it makes decisions about providing and storing electricity based on your electricity usage, how much your solar PV system generates, and the electricity tariff you are currently on. It also seamlessly integrates with any other myenergi devices you may already have.

The Libbi works as both an AC and DC coupled battery system with your solar PV. This means that you can connect solar PV without a separate inverter. You can also retrofit the Libbi to your home with or without an existing solar PV AC system, by connecting it as an AC connected battery. 

The Main Functions of the Libbi 

Solar charging – rather than channeling any excess solar generated electricity back to the grid, it can be stored throughout the day and then used in the evenings when unit costs are more expensive. 

Grid charging – for anyone who does not have a solar PV system, the Libbi is still a great option, as it can be charged on cheaper overnight tariffs. The stored electricity can then be used throughout the day.  

Solar PV can be added to the battery storage system at a later date, however bear in mind that at the time of writing, the battery installation is subject to 0% VAT if installed together with a solar PV system. 

Advanced control – the myenergi app allows you to set up charging and usage parameters to suit your needs, giving you complete control of the Libbi. 

Anti-draining – the myenergi app allows you to prioritise devices to be charged. This means, for example that the Libbi won’t drain when you plug in your EV charger, unless you have set it up in the app to do so. 

Blackout Back-up – while the Libbi cannot provide whole home back-up during a power-cut (i.e. let you whole home run normally), it can provide power to a dedicated limited output circuit or sockets. 

Modular Battery Storage 

The Libbi is designed as modular battery storage system, with each module having the capacity to store 5kWh of electricity. This allows you to choose the configure the battery for your needs.  

Each module stores up to 5kWh of electricity, allowing you to configure a system from 5kWh to 20kWh of storage.  

The myenergi App 

This app connects all your myenergi devices and allows you to choose where and how your stored power is used in your home. It allows you to monitor grid import and export, solar PV generation and much more.  

If you are interested in the Libbi or any other myenergi products, please get in touch via or fill in the webform on our website and we can provide you with advice and a quotation for supply and installation.