Who we are


Leah Robson
Leah has a 6 year track record in the successful installation of renewable energy solutions.  Building on the foundation of this work, she wants to be part of changing both the construction industry towards better gender equality and helping reduce carbon emissions and move to words cleaner energy.

Her career spanning 20 years has included a wide range of experience in technical projects both in IT with Accenture and latterly in renewables and includes obtaining a distinction in an MSc in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics.  She is a Chair of Directors of MaidEnergy Coop, a local renewable energy society, created to support the growth of renewable, locally generated energy in Maidenhead, Windsor, Egham, Staines and the surrounding area.

Pia Balaam
Pia has worked in the renewable energy industry for almost 2 years. She previously worked in management consultancy for 12 years including over 5 years with PA Consulting Group.  Her career has involved the successful delivery of projects in the private, public and charity sector including Powergen, Thames Water and Anglia Water. 

Her recent work has been for local charities, cooperatives and businesses as her interest in giving back to the local community has grown. Much of her career has involved working in historically male dominated industries and so the issue of gender equality is close to her heart. Having a daughter herself, she would never want to see gender or the work environment as a bar to someone’s career choice.

The board is an informal group who meet to hold the directors accountable to the vision for Your Energy Your Way, advising and challenging them on direction and strategy. They champion ambition, tempered by risk awareness based on their wide expertise and experience.

Matthew Benham
Matt has a hands-on approach to work, and play, stemming from a country upbringing as well as a practical, skills based, education and employment path. Co-founding a design and manufacturing business in 2004, and working for the past 8 years as an engineer for a Texas based Oil & Gas company have served to reinforce the value that people have in business. Creative problem solving is Matt’s forte, using detail investigation and in-depth analysis to uncover novel ideas. Away from work Matt finds family, faith and fitness are important to a balanced emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Niamh McKenna
Niamh has worked for Accenture for over 25 years across many parts of the business. She currently leads the Health practice in the UK. She enjoys looking at new technologies and how these can transforming the way health & public sector deliver services to citizens. She has spent a lot of time understanding the startup space and some of the challenges associated with scaling. She is a single mum to 2 energetic boys and lives in North London.  

Tim Barrow
We live near Epsom and have three school-age children. I do quite a lot of cycling, before the arrival of our family my wife and I cycled from Bordeaux to Barcelona which was an absolutely fabulous trip. I worked for many years at the BBC, my first job was to change camera valves and rubber bands in audio tape machines!
I worked for news and travelled across the world with satellite newsgathering equipment to a range of ‘interesting’ places across the Middle East, Eastern Europe etc. I then moved into engineering project management and also I was elected as a union negotiator at national level.
We bought a glazing business in 2012 as an alternative employment where I could apply my management and staff skills to the running of the business. The business is still thriving seven years later.

Sue Holloway
Over 20 years experience in the Government Economic Service and charity sector, and qualified Chartered Management Accountant.