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The YEYW Trainee Renewables Scheme

Last year we launched a new and groundbreaking Trainee Renewables Scheme to meet the skills shortage of low carbon energy experts. The programme is intended as the pilot for a renewables training programme that could be rolled out to improve training, workforce diversity and renewable delivery across the sector.

The traineeship is funded by our hugely successful crowdfunding efforts last year and is now providing hands-on training, and increasing the diversity within the renewable energy sector. We welcomed our first 3 trainees in September 2023 and they joined the 2 ladies we already employ as traditional heating and electrical apprentices.

The scheme has been designed to be particularly appropriate for women, by addressing potential barriers for female candidates:

• shortage of apprenticeship places

• a lack of female role models

• unsupportive environments

• financial difficulties associated with training later in life

YEYW Mentoring Day
YEYW Training scheme - fortnightly meet-up day
YEYW Training day at Samsung Climate Solutions


Samsung Climate Solutions has generously donated a significant grant to enable the traineeship to take place.

Steve Fleming, Head of Samsung Climate Solutions UK & Ireland, commented:

“Samsung Climate Solutions are really proud to be involved with this initiative to make a change in the heating industry. We feel this is a fantastic opportunity for the installers of the future to work and train with Leah, one of the standard bearers in the industry. We look forward to supporting the trainees’ progress and helping to mentor and train the new recruits.”

The scheme is being facilitated by learning experts Betateach, who also provide fortnightly meet-up days to support the real-world experience of working with Your Energy Your Way’s heat pump installers, solar PV installation team and office team. Peer-to-peer learning is an important aspect of the course, whereby trainees discuss the work they have been engaged in that day.

At the end of the course, the trainees will be peer assessed by Your Energy Your Way staff and other recognised industry professionals to confirm that they are competent.

We currently have 2 trainees on this scheme with the aim of creating up to more secure job opportunities in the future.

Meet our trainees & apprentices

We are proud of our 2 trainees and 2 apprentices and what they have achieved already.


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