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Solar Energy & Solar PV Panels

Help the environment, play with the latest smart home tech and reduce your energy bills


Yes, it really is possible to do all three of these things at once.

With a solar energy system from Your Energy Your Way, you can harness the sun’s energy to generate electricity without emissions; you can be in control of when you use your solar energy; you can know that every watt you use from your roof is power you don’t need to buy from your energy supplier.

We have been designing and installing solar PV systems for customers across Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and West London since 2018 and 50% of our work comes through recommendations.

In a world of confusing claims and counter claims, Your Energy Your Way will cut through the jargon and work with you to design a system that prioritises your needs. We will help you to achieve the best possible outcome, based on your lifestyle and the property you live in.




And finally...



You can rest assured that bird blocker comes as standard on all our installations. While the pigeons may be disappointed to miss out on a perfect place to nest, you will have peace of mind that no damage will come to your solar PV installation. Pigeon droppings are highly acidic and can cause erosion to cables and can damage the surface of the panels.

Photo of pigeon - used in relation to PV birdblocker on website
Photo of pigeon - used in relation to PV birdblocker on website
Domestic solar panel installation with bird blocker
Starting a solar panel installation
Domestic solar thermal and solar panel installation

Heat Pump, Solar & Home Battery Solutions

We provide renewable home energy solutions in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, West London and surrounding counties.   Fill out our webform and receive recommendations and outline costings for your preferred technologies

At Your Energy Your Way, we are dedicated to offering exceptional customer service for all our solar PV installations, ensuring homeowners experience a seamless transition to solar.

If you are considering solar PV, either as a stand-alone project or as part of a heat pump installation, please fill out the short webform and we will be in touch.

You can also call us on

01784 530018

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