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Residential Air-conditioning & Solar PV

Effortlessly Maintain a Comfortable Indoor Climate with a Solar-Powered Air Conditioning Installation

Global climate change is causing longer and longer periods of heat and life can get pretty uncomfortable when you’re trying to focus on work or battle to fall asleep in a sweltering house. Not fun.

Plenty of people have thought about installing air conditioning, but there's this nagging worry about sky-high electricity bills and messing up the planet even more. Don't worry, though. We've got the lowdown on how to stay cool and green without breaking the bank. Let's keep your head cool, your conscience clear, and your pets happy even when the mercury rises!

The yellow British Longhair cat enjoys the cool breeze of the air conditioner on a hot sum

Air Conditioners and Solar Power: An effective solution

Few duos complement each other quite like solar energy and air conditioning. Think about it: when the sun is blazing and it's scorching outside, that's when cooling units require most electricity. And when does a solar PV system produce the most electricity?? Bingo - on those sunny days!

No More Sky High Electricity Bills

It's a no-brainer to run your air conditioning on the solar power produced from your panels, right when you need it most for keeping cool. Plus, the kilowatt-hour from your rooftop setup costs a fraction of what you'd pay for regular electricity. Stay cool, both literally and financially, when it comes to your electricity bill.

Plan your solar PV system with air conditioning in mind

To benefit as much as possible from pairing your PV system with air conditioning, it's smart to factor in the cooling unit right from the get-go when sizing and planning your solar setup. This way you ensure that your PV system is large enough to handle the electricity needs of your air conditioning.

Expert Advice goes a long way

Don’t go it alone - It is best to seek the support of experts in the planning process, because the power requirements of an air conditioning system depend heavily on your personal needs. If you would like advice, please complete our short webform at the end of the page.

Go Big or Go Home

It is worth planning the PV system generously, especially as the prices for solar panels are significantly cheaper today compared to a few years ago. This way, you can produce enough solar power for cooling on particularly hot days.

Even if you want to invest in an air conditioner in the future, you should plan the solar PV system large enough from the beginning. This saves effort and unnecessary costs and allows an uncomplicated installation of the air conditioning unit at a later date. It's all about keeping things simple and saving yourself some hassle down the road.

Don’t forget the battery

Don't overlook the importance of a battery! It's like your own personal energy bank, storing up any extra solar power you generate during the day. Then, when you need it most—like during peak times or even at night for cooling—you can tap into that stored energy, saving you from relying on expensive grid electricity.

Pairing a battery with your solar setup not only boosts your system's independence but also makes financial sense. When everything is optimised to work together seamlessly, you're not just saving on energy bills; you're ensuring a comfortable indoor climate, powered by the sun, without any manual fuss.




Bespoke Renewable Energy Solutions

We design and install whole house renewable energy solutions in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, West London and surrounding counties.

At Your Energy Your Way, our fully qualified Air-Conditioning Engineers are F-Gas registered and on a mission to keep you cool this summer. We are dedicated to offering exceptional customer service for all our solar powered air-conditioning installations, ensuring homeowners experience a seamless transition to solar.

​If you are considering air-conditioning powered by solar, either as a stand-alone project or as part of a heat pump installation, please fill out the short webform and we will be in touch.

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