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Home Energy Assessment

When you don’t know where to start


We appreciate that the journey into renewables can be a daunting one and it’s often difficult to know how best to spend precious funds.  The Home Energy Assessment Report provides you with costed ideas about the renewables you could install and also highlights issues with your building fabric that you might want to consider getting fixed as well. 


We know there are a lot of reports out there, but what makes our report different?

Rooted in real world experience

We won’t recommend panels that no longer exist or won’t fit on your roof, heat pumps that don’t fit in your garden, or products from 5 different manufacturers that won’t work together.  We have seen all of these things in other firms’ reports.

Based on measurement

We will measure the air tightness of your home, use data loggers to measure heat loss, a thermal imaging camera to look for cold spots and draughts, a laser measurer to accurately measure your roof, as well as doing a full heat loss calculation.

Recommendations & costings

All of the renewables options in the report will be costed. For fabric recommendations we can recommend contractors to look at these as well.

Manufacturer agnostic

We are have experience across a wide range of products and will not just recommend a couple of products that we know how to install.


We have a very knowledgeable, well trained team, so you will be getting up to the minute advice in a rapidly changing marketplace.


The cost of the whole house report is £1500 incl. VAT.

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Heat Pump, Solar & Home Battery Solutions

We provide renewable home energy solutions in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, West London and surrounding counties.   Fill out our webform and receive recommendations and outline costings for your preferred technologies

At Your Energy Your Way, we are dedicated to offering exceptional customer service whether it is for our home energy assessment report or any of our other installations, ensuring homeowners are well informed and experience a seamless transition to renewable technologies.

If you are considering a home energy assessment report, or any of the other renewable technologies, then please fill out the short webform and we will be in touch.

You can also call us on

01784 530018

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