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Hosting: So many of our customers tell us how much they love their heat pump, here is your chance to spread the word

These days it is likely that most people have heard of a heat pump, but many have not seen one in action. We know that many out there are thinking about getting one for their home, but figuring out how it might fit in can be quite daunting.

We believe that seeing a heat pump in action and being able to have a chat with the homeowner about their experiences with the installation and the day-to-day running of it can make all the difference. Feeling more confident about the technology is often the first step towards taking the plunge.

This is where you, the heat pump owner can get involved. Would you like to become a volunteer host and share your experience of having a heat pump with others?

Hosting would be on an occasional basis and would allow a small group of interested people the opportunity to see your heat pump and ask any questions they may have. You do not need to be an expert and understand or explain all the technical details. As a heat pump owner, you can provide personal insights that will be of interest to anyone thinking about investing in a heat pump.

If you are interested in joining this scheme, please register your interest at

LAdy standing next to a Samsung air-source heat pump

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