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Updated: 4 hours ago

A Tesla battery claimed to be the joint largest in Europe was switched on in the UK in October 2023. It is tasked with storing excess wind energy and cutting the country’s dependence on fossil fuels.

UK-based investment Company Harmony Energy Income Trust “successfully energised” the Tesla battery in the English county of Buckinghamshire. The “Bumpers Battery Energy Storage System” can provide 99MW for two hours, giving it 198MWh of total discharge.

Harmony claims this makes it the joint-largest battery energy storage system in Europe. Harmony Energy, which is investing in large-scale storage assets around the UK, also  switched on a 49.5MW Tesla battery in Scotland in the same month.

Both batteries use Tesla’s two-hour lithium-ion Megapack 2XL system.

Together, Harmony Energy says the two new batteries can store enough energy to power around 450,000 homes.

*Information courtesy of RECHARGE

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