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Heat Pumps Cheaper to run than Gas Boilers

Updated: Feb 9

If you have a Vaillant heat pump, or would like to get one fitted, Ovo Energy estimate you can save up to £495 on your heating bills.  Check out more details on the Ovo website OVO Energy | Get Heat Pump Plus with Vaillant

They estimate this because they will charge you just 15p/kWhr for the electricity that you use to power the heat pump. This is fantastic news, because heat pumps are 3 or 4 times more efficient than gas boilers, so your heat pump will be significantly cheaper to run than a gas boiler.

Whilst at the moment this tariff doesn't apply to those with Solar panels or batteries, other options are and when combined with heat pumps, solar panels or a VAT free battery, you can potentially save even more.  Get in touch to find out how much you could save.

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